Alfa Romeo 155 GTA Values

Alfa Romeo 155 GTA Values
10th July 2020 CSF Marketing
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Alfa Romeo 155 GTA

The Alfa Romeo 1155 GTA is often cited as one of the best looking touring cars that competed in the 1990s. Not only did it look good, it went well too winning the Italian Superturismo Championship in 1992. To mark the win Alfa Romeo decided to explore the creation of a road going race inspired version of the 155 which became the 155 GTA Stadale.

Unable to make the figures stack up for production, only one was ever produced which was due to be sold in 2018 with a guide of £160,000 – £200,000 before being withdrawn prior to sale. There were reportedly twenty 155 GTA chassis produced but they have been elusive and sales data is non-existent. In 2016 a 155 D2 Superturismo was guided before a non-sale at €110,000 – €130,000 and this guide, together with that of the unsold Stradale are really the only market indicators. Based on this we would expect a guide of £130,000 – £200,000 if one did come to market.