2024 – Preparing for next season!

2024 – Preparing for next season!
5th October 2023 Finance Motorsport Team
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2024 – Now is the time to prepare!

As the 2023 season draws to a close after what seems to have been a very fast and turbulent year, now is the time to reflect on the season’s expenditure and what you may need for next year. The capital outlay for any team, can be and often is expensive and a juggle even for the best funded organisations. If you have a well-established business with a strong financial backing, you will no doubt be aware of how your capital can be easily absorbed, putting strain on your cashflow. Unexpected events such as serious car damage can obviously impact your projected budgets.

Motorsport at all levels is inherently expensive and any unforeseen circumstances can and often knock a team off course. Being well funded and well prepared is the key to ensuring a season with minimal disruption. At this time of year, your focus will be in finding a paying seat for 2024 which will generate the needed income to go racing. Before any contract is signed, this can be a drawn out and volatile time as teams attempt to encourage the drivers who bring in the most money. In our experience, for you to do this means you have to have an attractive and well set up team and modern facilities to support your drivers into podium positions.

As the supporting finance partner of Motorsport UK, we have developed a diverse mixture of funding packages for all aspects of motorsport. From asset purchases large and small, to the realisation of capital from assets currently owned. You may not realise the value of your equipment, which could be currently unencumbered and used to raise that ever-valuable operating capital. From the purchase of cars to equipment at whatever level, we offer an open discussion to see how we can help your business, or for a specific requirement, we may be able to help. Our packages are market competitive and innovative in every way.



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