Motorsport Teams, Suppliers and Specialists

Motorsport Teams, Suppliers and Specialists
11th October 2020 CSF Marketing
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Motorsport Teams, Suppliers and Specialists

This month we have completed the funding of 3 high value race cars, 2 historic rally cars, 2 multi car transporters and 35 go-karts, with many other fascinating projects in the pipeline. Motorsport teams, suppliers and specialists whether private individuals or businesses, are discovering the benefits of our experience and perhaps you should too.

If you are considering purchasing a race car, transporter or any equipment in relation to motorsport, an informal conversation may prove valuable and our products assist in managing your cashflow and helping you expand your activities.

Suppliers and specialists to the industry may also benefit from our services becuase we can provide funding for any machinery or equipment you may require. We are also able to provide your clients with a finance facility, helping them complete a purchase with you.

If you wish to raise funds for other projects or purchases, we can release equity from assets you already own, while you maintain possession and use of the goods. Flexible terms, competitive rates and an excellent service await. Get in touch by clicking one of the buttons below – a quick chat may make all the difference.

What We Offer

Race Cars

Our funding packages extend to racing cars of any age or discipline including but not limited to, Pre-War, Historic, Touring Cars, GT & Sports, Prototypes, Single Seaters Hill Climb cars and Rally cars.
For those of you who specialise in supplying race cars, our bespoke finance options give you an addtional tool to complete a sale. This offers your clients greater flexibility when committing to a purchase.

You find the latest selection of race cars for sale on Race Cars Direct

Transporter and Trailers

Trailers and transporters require large capital expenditure which is why nearly three quarters of units purchased are financed. We can provide loan structures for any commercial vehicle. This includes tractor and trailer units and even dedicated hospitality units for your team and sponsors.

Motorhomes and Hospitality

Staying in the paddock to absorb the atmosphere over a race event is a major part of any race meeting. A motorhome can provide some of the comforts of home and a general base for your team, friends or clients to operate from. We can offer long term funding with flexible terms for small or large units.

Workshop, Pit and Paddock Equipment

The lastest equipment is key to keeping your clients and team competitive and operating efficiently. A diverse amount of workshop and pit equipment can be financed, including specialist items such dynamometers, chassis tables, flat patches or computer equipment. We can also fund larger projects such as wind tunnels, simulators, IT platforms and CAD/CAM/CFD systems. So, if you are facing any form of capital outlay, we are here to discuss your options with you.

Motorsport Suppliers

If you supply products or services to the motorsport industry, you may require a funding facility in place. Offering a finance package with your products at the point of sale will increase your sales opportunities and create ease of purchase for your customers. We can assist with website based tech and or bespoke finance products. To see how we can help promote your business, call today for an informal chat.


Equity release can assist by restructuring current debt and refinancing unencumbered cars and equipment. This is a great way of using your assets as collateral to raise working capital to inject into your operation. There are a diverse range of products and services that we can offer so involve us in your future planning.

Funding Your Motorsport Season

Financing a full season’s cost is challenging. It is something we have experience with and can be done for a certain profile of applicant. So if you supplement your racing via sponsorship, we may be able to help provide additional funding through our extensive network of partnerships so talk to us about your ambitions and budgets. Addtionaly, if you are looking for sponsorship for you or your team, submit your proposal to

Motorsport Teams, Suppliers and Specialists can benefit from our ranges of services that go beyond just finance.

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