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Grassroots Motorsport
13th April 2021 CSF Marketing
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Grassroots Motorsport

Motorsport UK’s Revolution magazine just gets better and better and we were delighted to hear that in this issue Motorsport UK will be covering ‘Behind the Scenes’ roles in motorsport, highlighting just some of the unsung heroes that keep our sport moving.

We too recognise the ‘backroom’ champions of our sport and are doing our own coverage of the lesser-known, yet fundamental figures in our industry.

Motorsport Podcast

Our ongoing commitment to motorsport is demonstrated by our new podcast series, shining a light on some of the instrumental characters and stalwarts of our sport. From talented female drivers to industry supporters, pioneers, disabled athletes and young people beginning their motorsport journey at grassroots level, our new to air podcast ‘Car Versed’ is launching soon. Expect chats with some you may have heard of and plenty you haven’t, each guest plays an important role in our sport and we hope to bring you insight and knowledge through their stories. Don’t expect too much chat about finance, thankfully!

The historic motorsport scene continues to go from strength to strength and many of you will know that we are historic racers ourselves. To support the community and offer further insight on historic racing and rallying, we have teamed up with ‘Auto Addicts’ magazine to produce Historic Motorsport TV – a YouTube channel with news, events and a wider look at the industry and its people. Like, comment, subscribe etc!

Motorsport Finance

At our core, we are automotive and motorsport fans, and we want to support the industry in any way we can. As a partner of Motorsport UK, our services are extended to all their members and we can offer you the support you need to budget a season’s racing by raising capital or fund any motorsport purchase and upgrades to your facilities. Furthermore, we offer advice on a daily basis, play matchmaker for B2B and B2C, and have a diverse contact base for communications.

Finance is our business, but our involvement runs deeper, and we want to drive your plans forward whether that is to keep racing at club level, building a team or if you are already established, make your growth plans a reality. Race cars, transporters, equipment, workshop tools or facility upgrades – our team can help get you there with more than just finance. Talk to us – it costs nothing and could make all the difference. Expert advice, industry knowledge, and an experienced and friendly team are ready to be part of your growth.

Motorsport UK and Classic & Sports Finance

Looking forward to freer movement, we are excited to be working closely with Motorsport UK on a range of events in the near future at Bicester, Oxfordshire – the home of Classic & Sports Finance and Motorsport UK. Watch this space…

We also couldn’t let this edition pass without acknowledging our sadness at the loss of some motorsport greats in the last month, most notably Murray Walker and Sabine Schmitz.   However the loss of many other greats of our sport – Johnny Dumfries, Fausto Gresini, Manfred Kremer, Chris Craft and Hannu Mikkola – did not hit the headlines. Our thoughts go out to friends and families. It is people that make this sport, not just the cars.

Originally published for Motorsport UK’s Revolution Magazine, April 2021