Resting On Your Laurels

Resting On Your Laurels
23rd November 2020 CSF Marketing
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Not a time to rest on your laurels…

For the majority of us, the 2020 motorsport season is over after a highly concentrated and unusual calendar. The 2021 motorsport season is coming, fast! Not a time to be resting on your laurels…

We have already commented on how well the industry has pulled together to keep an element of activity, however, as this unusual season draws to a close it is certainly no time to rest on your laurels (if you are lucky enough to have won some)!

While we pause for breath, we certainly shouldn’t relax for too long. The 2021 season will soon be upon us in what is looking to be a crucial year for our sport. Many of us will be playing catch up but preparing and growing are key to survival.

When you are considering any form of expenditure for your team or business, pick up the phone to chat with us. Similarly, if you need to raise funds or consolidate debt, let us help you.

No commitment, no obligation, no signup – just a chat, and some direction on how to help you achieve your goals. Don’t be a victim of resting on your laurels. We can provide finance for racing cars, trailers and transporters. We can even help you fund the purchase of equipment for pit, paddock or workshops.

Preparing for the 2021 Motorsport Season:

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned racer, we are here to find you the right solution to funding your motorsport activities, for club racers to manufacturer backed teams. Until recently, race car finance has been a rare and a very specialist area of the market. Our team has been funding modern, historic race and rally cars since 1999 and understands motorsport better than anyone. CSF Motorsport can also fund the purchase of trailers, transporters and any pit or garage equipment you may need to maintain your race cars and keep you on track. Our specialist private banks and lenders work with us to create competitive and uncomplicated finance options, leaving you with the cashflow to use through the racing season or for other projects.