2021 Motorsport Season

2021 Motorsport Season
23rd October 2020 CSF Marketing
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Cobra at Goodwood

2021 Motorsport Season

Are you ready for next year?

A frantic 2020 season continues but are you prepared for 2021?

Without question, one of the most bizarre seasons, ever. The strength and resilience of the sport has revealed itself in recent months, under the most difficult of circumstances. Motorsport UK has managed the situation incredibly well given the times we find ourselves in. They have ensured we can get back on track for those whose livelihoods rely on the industry.

The action taken by Motorsport UK to get all levels of motorsport operating must be applauded. A year with a total cancelation of racing would have been disastrous for teams, drivers and all related businesses that underpin the sport.

The delay in racing has meant revised and condensed calendars, shoehorned into the year end leaving little time between race meetings. This has pushed the season deep into the winter months. “Busier than ever” some report and the industry must of course conclude the year as best as it can to satisfy their commitments. However, the 2021 season will soon be upon us…

Next year will prove to be an incredibly important time for motorsport, recovering and rebuilding from the turmoil of 2020.

Even with stretched calendars and a short winter break, now is the time to be planning in order maximise any opportunity that may presents itself. budgets and cashflow are tighter than ever as some sponsors withdraw their support. Less overall track time may equate to less revenue for many.

Ferrari Silverstone


What to do about it?

However, uncertain times can create opportunity as some remain and others fall away. Investing in and expanding your activities will make the most of these strange times. Get ahead for next season. Use your instinct, drop a gear, put your foot down and push ahead.

As a business, we can help you with this return to normality as we have worked hard to create a diverse and flexible range of facilities, providing funding for the industry to stay on track, succeed and grow. Whatever your sector may be, if it is in relation to motorsport, we can provide practical funding solutions to help.

Talk to us about your plans for next year and beyond. We will work with you to find the most suitable and cost effective approach, whether you are looking to purchase race cars, transporters, garage equipment, wish to raise capital for cashflow or even diversify your operations.

Our network of motorsport specialists and contacts may even help you find a driver or sponsorship. If you are looking for innovative ways to grow your business, let us work with you.

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