Aston Martin DBRS9 Values

Aston Martin DBRS9 Values
10th July 2020 CSF Marketing
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Aston Martin DBRS9

Aston Martin DBRS9 Values

With only 26 customer cars built the DBRS9 is a relatively rare sight in the market. When they were released in 2006 the base price was £175,000 plus local taxes meaning that for UK delivered cars they would have been £205,625 or £300,000 in today’s money.

In 2015 chassis 7 sold at auction at Amelia Island for $170,500, £115,000 at the time. In 2018 chassis 16 sold at an auction in France for £195,000, chassis 19 was offered for sale at £199,950 and chassis 11, a manual gearbox un-raced car with 150 miles on the clock, was offered for £207,000 in Sydney.

The 2015 sale seems to have been a good buy and the clustering of the 2018 sales are probably more representative of the market. The c. £250,000 is probably a guide price with variables being the date of the last overhaul, the level of spares attached to the sale and the success of the individual chassis.

Image courtesy of Dylan Miles